Laser Engraved Trophies & Awards


Laser engraved trophies and awards provide a sophisticated, professional look to any recognition ceremony or event.

The laser engraving process uses a high-powered laser to etch precise, intricate designs onto a variety of materials including metal, glass, crystal, and acrylic. With this method, companies can create flawless logos, personalised messages, and an array of designs that truly capture the essence of achievement.

Laser engraving technology has revolutionised the award industry, allowing for a more detailed and precise rendering of designs and inscriptions. These awards are perfect for acknowledging a personal milestone and unparalleled feats, as well as highlighting company achievements.

Laser engraved trophies and awards offer a stunning and memorable way to acknowledge someone’s hard work, dedication and contribution.


Customised trophies recognise outstanding achievements and can be tailor-made to suit specific event requirements. They vary in shape, size, material, colour scheme, engraving and personalisation options like adding logos, names and dates.

Besides uniqueness, customised trophies create a long-lasting memory of the achievement and serve as a reminder of success and efforts invested. Additionally, customised trophies showcase brand identity and values by matching an organisation’s logo and branding, reinforcing their message.

Customised trophies prove to be a great investment for any organisation seeking to celebrate and reward outstanding achievements.


Laser engraving utilizes a laser beam to etch designs or text into materials. This precise technique burns off parts of the material’s surface to create a permanent mark which can have varying depths and widths.

Materials that can be engraved include wood, acrylic, metal, glass, and leather. Laser engraving is often used for creating personalized gifts or promotional products. It’s become a preferred method for custom engravings due to its precision and longevity.

We work with commercial and domestic clients

The Altered State offers top-quality engraving services for a wide range of trophies, plaques, and awards that are perfect for employees, organizations, or individuals.

We use the latest engraving technology to ensure precision and accuracy in every detail. Secondly, we offer a quick turnaround time, ensuring that your order is processed and delivered in time.

Additionally, our skilled engravers have years of experience and can offer professional advice on the best engraving styles and fonts to use for your specific project needs.

Finally, The Altered State offers competitive pricing for their engraving services, ensuring that you can get excellent engraving work done without breaking the bank.