Laser Acrylic

At The Altered State we can laser cut and engrave 2 ply Acrylic Sheet.  Laser Acrylic (2 Ply) is a UV-resistant engraving laminate used on indoor and outdoor projects. The engraving laminate comes in a vast number of colour options including pastels and metallics and is suitable for a wide variety of applicationsPlease browse the charts below and Contact Us if you see something you like. 


  • Trophy & Award plates
  • Exterior & Interior Signage
  • Badges & Name Tags
  • Funeral Plaques
  • Asset Tags
  • Lettering


A classic durable matte finish.  Enhanced heat tolerance and UV stable colour. 


Metalgraph Plus is designed for laser engraving in a non-glare matte finish over a vibrant colour.  Offering ultra-fine laser lettering it is also resistant to fingerprints and moisture making it a good option for exterior applications.

Contemporary Wood


Making your mark in the signage and engraving industry is easy with LaserMark®. Each sheet of LaserMark’s acrylic material is specially designed for a crisp, clean burn and ultra-fine laser lettering, logos, and vector cutouts.

Colour Hues

A single-ply material with brilliant colour.  Offered in translucent and opaque hues providing the benefits of glass but in a lightweight, scratch resistant material. 


The textured surface is durable and resistant to fingerprints so is ideal for industrial environments and busy areas. It is suitable for outdoor use and is UV stable.

UltraGrave Satin

UltraGrave™ is designed to be user friendly and multi-functional.  It is UV stable and comes in various vibrant colours.  Suitable for interior and exterior use.

ADA Alternative

A matte / non-glare product line specially designed for people with Disabilities. Braille-engravable sheets in a wide variety of colour options.