Laser Engraving

The speed, precision and versatility of our laser engraving enables fast and cost effective production.  We offer CO₂ laser engraving on our 1220mm x 914mm and our 610mm x 305mm machines including rotary engraving.

Take a look at some of the amazing things we have laser engraved.

Who we work with!

At The Altered State we are proud to work with hundreds of individuals, small local businesses, large national businesses and international clients too. They rely on us for our expertise to help them move from concept to final product, provide material and process guidance as well as economise the project.

Laser engraving and laser cutting offers a wide array of opportunities and possibilities to individual makers, students, entrepreneurs and businesses.

We’d like to work with you too.

Applications for laser engraving

The applications of our laser engraving machines are only as limited as your creativity and imagination.  Below are some examples of the applications currently used by our clients.

Business Cards

Memorial Plaques

memorial plaque in gold layered acrylic laser engraved by the altered state


Personalised Wedding menu laser engraved and cut from frosted acrylic by The Altered State


wooden handled knife personalised with Hona with laser engraving by the altered state

Trophies & Awards

steering wheel trophy made from oak and acrylic for west end suzuki broughty ferry gala week by the altered state

Signage & Labels

weathering steel and wood sign for tupelo tree made by the altered state

Promotional Items

Laser engraved and cut wooden key ring

Gifts & Jewellery

Ellie-and-Hart-Laser-cut-and-engraved-Acrylic-Pendants - jewellery

Fashion Design

Barcodes & QR Codes

QR code laser engraved on to layered acrylic by the altered state

Rubber Stamps & Stencils

Architectural Models

Asset Tags & Data Plates

control panel / plate laser engraved and cut on white layered acrylic by the altered state


Point Of Sale Displays

oak point of sale sign with laser engraved logo for kartel watches by the altered state

Smartphones & Laptops

What materials can we work on?

Check out the different materials below that our laser can engrave. Shortly you’ll be able to select one of the materials to get further details.  Get in touch to discuss ideas and to get inspiration for what you can design and make.


Laser engraved wood - laser engraving wood - laser engraved oak

Glass, Drinkware & Barware

Laser engraved gin glass - to my valentine


Laser engraved slate coaster

Plastic / Acrylic

Acrylic cake topper

Textiles / Fabric

Laser engraved denim jeans


Laser engraved cork business card

Marble, Stone & Granite

marble coaster laser engraved and colour filled with gold for valentian vermouth by the altered state


Laser engraved leather logo tag


Rubber gasket


Laser engraved paper picture mounted in a frame


Stainless steel hip flask engraved with birthday

Powder Coating

How Laser Engraving works.

Laser engraving is essentially removing material in a controlled manor.  It is perfect for branding and customising a large number of materials.

We also Laser Cut

Get in touch to learn how our laser cutting and engraving can save you time and money.

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