Who can benefit from Laser Cutting?

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What materials can we work on?

Check out the different materials below that our laser can engrave. Shortly you’ll be able to select one of the materials to get further details.

Get in touch to discuss ideas and to get inspiration for what you can design and make.


Laser engraved wood - laser engraving wood - laser engraved oak

Glass, Drinkware & Barware

Laser engraved gin glass - to my valentine


Laser engraved slate coaster

Plastic / Acrylic

Acrylic cake topper

Textiles / Fabric

Laser engraved denim jeans


Laser engraved cork business card

Marble, Stone & Granite

marble coaster laser engraved and colour filled with gold for valentian vermouth by the altered state


Laser engraved leather logo tag


Rubber gasket


Laser engraved paper picture mounted in a frame


Stainless steel hip flask engraved with birthday

Powder Coating

How it works.

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We also Laser Engrave

Laser engraving is essentially removing material in a controlled manor.  It is perfect for branding and customising a large number of materials.

Get in touch to learn how our laser cutting and engraving can save you time and money.

We work with commercial and domestic clients

We have extensive experience of engraving a variety of materials at The Altered State.

We work with businesses and individual clients.  

No matter the quantity, if you are looking for a fast and reliable engraver, we can help. 

Call us or email now and we can organise a quote.