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Giant Gold Keys

Giant Gold Key – Build Images

It is always nice when clients return with another project so it was a welcome call when Event Decor Scotland got in touch.  Having previously made bespoke signs for them I had initially expected more of the same but on this occasion they needed 3 giant gold keys (~50cm each) to be part of the decor for a Wonderland themed Hogmany party.

With a rough idea of the requirement provided by a sample image it was clear this would be a CNC routing project rather than laser cutting.  This was something of a relief with the laser working hard on Christmas rush orders plus it was an opportunity to get the hands properly dirty and to use some of the other toys I have.

I decided to cut the more complex handle shape on the X-Carve CNC machine and use various dowel widths for the shank, pin and collars.  Finally the band saw to cut out the bit shape.


Once all the parts were cut out and to size, I rounded them over with a round over bit in the router table, gave them all a good sand and started to glue the pieces together.  As always I did not have enough clamps.

Finally painting and as always Montana’s Gold paint is the go to option as their spray paint is, in my opinion, far superior.

Giant Gold Key – Location Images

Can you find the key?


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